The Features of Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine is a relatively new division in the health sector. It deals with fitness and treatment of complications arising from sports and exercises. The professionals that practice sports medicine have specialized in sports and exercises. Some of them are; medical doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors. Although the name does suggest that the sector only caters to sports, it actually caters to all injuries arising from physical activity. And sports medicine businesses generally take care of any musculoskeletal problem. They usually encompass a wide scope of activities like:

            Conditioningmillitary sports medicine 

The level of fitness of an individual is down to their conditioning. This entails exercise and other physical activities. An individual with a well conditioned body is fit and thus their body functions as it should. In sports, physical exercises play a vital role when conditioning the body. One of the main objectives is to build muscle tissue. Essentially, muscle is built through resistance training. For instance, weight lifting is critical in building muscle mass. Another aspect is heart conditioning. During exercise, the body needs more and more energy. The glucose stored in the body is catalyzed by oxygen in order to release energy. This necessitates quick heartbeats in order to provide the oxygen. As a result the heart becomes stronger. Another aspect is the lung conditioning. The gaseous exchange of the body is rapid during physical activity, and thus strengthens the lungs.


When it comes to physical exercises, it is pretty hard to escape inflammation. Cortisone is a drug that is mainly used to treat inflammation. However, since the medication is too sensitive, it must be handled by only specialists. The sports medicine professionals may use Cortisone to treat even arthritis and other musculoskeletal issues. Although there are Cortisone pills, it is much more effective to take a shot. However, the drug comes with a scroll of warnings. Before using it you must determine whether you’re not allergic to it. Cortisone can also readily weaken the immune system of some people. And it also comes with a host of side effects like insomnia and headaches. Clearly, it is only a medication best left in the management of professionals of sports medicine.

            Injury Prevention    

Physical activities put you inadvertently to possibilities of injuries. Sports medicine comes in to ensure that the best is done to prevent occurrence of injuries. Different sports, or different physical activities, put you in certain potential harm. For instance, playing American football is more risky than playing long tennis. In the same breath, lifting weights has more potential for harm than, say skipping a rope. So, you must give thought to exact preventive measures of all the possible injuries. For instance, you should only lift weights under an instructor, so that the barbells won’t crush into your head. And similarly, when playing, you should put on protective gear.

            Injury Management

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This is also an important component of sports medicine. While engaging in a physical activity, or a sport, you’re exposed to many injuries. The injuries may be minor or major. Professionals in sports medicine ensure the best strategies in managing injuries are followed. One of the strategies may be a change in diet. Or a change in the type of exercises that one does.


An athlete may achieve their optimal potential under rehab supervision. But the facility should be well equipped. Sports medicine professionals combine their knowledge and the utility of the rehab to make great athletes. An athlete can build their strength, and stabilize their balance, and achieve flexibility in such a place. Sport rehabs bring together individuals that have a thing in common and so their attitudes change for the better. I know a sports medicine doctor chicago who deals exactly with this. Check him out.


This medication is extremely sensitive and must be handled by qualified people, or you’d lose your knees. It is the lubricant that surrounds your tendons and joints, making them locomotive. It is especially reserved for arthritic patients and others with severe knee injuries.


Sports medicine is too responsible for evaluating the mechanics of the living body, and how forces acting on it affect it.