Production of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin


This hormone is detected in the placenta, the part of the placenta which produces them is called syncytiotrophoblast, its production occur due to implantation. Human chorionic gonadotropin is produced by cancerous tumors, when the level of this hormone is high and the patient is not pregnant it can lead to cancer diagnosis. The production of this hormone is not yet known if its production is the effect tumorigenesis. Luteinizing hormone (LH) is the analog pituitary of HCG, which is produced in the pituitary gland of females and males of all ages. In the ovary it is produced with recombinant DNA technology.

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Extraction of the human chorionic gonadotropin

Syncytiotrophoblast naturally produces this hormone which is located in the placenta. It can also be obtained in the cultures of modified genetically cells which done through use of a technology called recombinant DNA. This is also produced in the urine of a pregnant woman, among those extracted from the urine of pregnant women are Choragan, follutein, Novarel ,Pregnyl and profasi this are also part of the gonadotropin.

They play a major role in the maintenance of pregnancy HCG interacts with the Luteinizing hormone chorionic gonadotropin receptors located in the ovary and it promotes and maintain the of the corpus luteum during the beginning of pregnancy

Testing of the production chorionic gonadotropin

The test can be carried out with blood or urine test this therefore gives the measure of the HCG. This are also pregnancy test. An implanted blastocyst and mammalian embryogenesis is indicated by HCG-positive. The reason as to carry the test is to monitor germ cell tumours and diagnose the same cells. The second reason why its production is tested is diagnose the gestational trophoblastic diseases. The concentrations of these hormones are commonly measured using (mlU/ml) thousandth international units of HCG per milliliter.

The international standard for measuring HCG was originally established in 1938 and has been redefined in 1964 and 1980. For now there is common international unit for measuring it and is done in moles that is approximately equal to 2.35 *10­-12 moles. More on eating a hcg diet here.

The urine test of HCG

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The format of the test is Chromatographic immunoassay its carried out in the laboratory , if early pregnancy is the case study to get more accurate results is obtained by using the first urine of the morning this is because HCG are at its highest level. When the urine are dilute at a specific gravity the concentration of HCG may not be the accurately represent the concentration of the blood and as a result of that the test would be automatically be negative.

The second test is through the use of the Serum test. It can be carried in the laboratory or by a home physician’s office. A 2-4 Ml of venous blood is a total fluorimetric or chemiluminescent immunoassay that is able to detect low levels of HCG to the lowest level of 5mlU/ml and the quantification of the HCG is allowed.

Methodology in testing the production of HCG

Monoclonal antibody is mostly employed in the testing of the production of HCG. The testing is done to make sure that false positives do not occur since confusion does not arise through other hormones like LH and FSH together with the required HCG hormone. The LH and FSH are there always in the body though in varying levels. But HCG occurs or is released during pregnancy therefore is the total indicator that pregnancy is there.

Sandwich principle use antibodies hence through enzymes HCG is indicated to be present. Therefore many immunoassays of HCG are done tested through sandwich principle. Luminescent dye and conventional dye can also be used in place of enzymes. Another principle which used in place of sandwich principle is the technique of Lateral flow and is basing its test on the pregnancy urine dipstick tests. Learn more about hcg diet here

Conclusion: Quantitating the HCG

After production of the HCG, it’s tested then quantified. The quantification ability is important in the monitoring of germ cells and trophoblastic tumors even miscarriages would be able to be taken care of.