We Exist To Help

PS Gifford is a health club that exists in order to help people. We have always been motivated to give our best in order to better the lives of people struggling with obesity and low self-esteem. We came to a point that we will create a place where individuals are bonded with one common goal and that is to live a healthier life. A life that they can fully enjoy when they have all the energy to do so.

We Aim To Be Of Service

A health club is created in order that we could of service to those who need our assistance and guidance on how to live a healthy life. This is what fuels us everyday when go to work, talk to our members and be able to empathize with them that we do know what they feel and we understood them more than they could imagine. The PS Gifford Health Club gives more than of ourselves. We aim to strive to be at our best in order to let people know that we are here because we care.

We Visualize A Healthier Community

PS Gifford visualizes a community that who lives and breathes through fitness. We are living in a society where getting entertainment is through playing gadgets no more going to a park have a picnic, or going out on fishing. Obesity has become an epidemic. The only way we can combat this is through creating awareness, and strive to push for living a healthy lifestyle for all of us.

PS Gifford is not your ordinary health club. We are the one that exists with a purpose, who has goals and mission for the betterment of the community. It all starts from within, and we are creating a movement for people to join in and be part of us.

Become a MEMBER Today!

Time is of the essence. With this you want to make sure, you are doing the first step in order to have a life that you have always wanted for yourself, a healthy life. This is a journey and it all starts right here, right now. Do not waste the opportunity wherein you can turn your life around the way you want it to.

Do you have what it takes to be a catalyst of change? Start within yourself and inspire others. Be a member of PS Gifford Health Club today!

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