Best exercises for looking good in sweatshirts

What is the basic consideration of your type of clothes? I suppose you said your body. If that is it, you are right and so many other people will agree with you. Without a healthy and well-shaped body, no outfit will ever be for you. With a lean body on the other hand, everybody will be wondering how you are able to only get the fitting clothes. Got it? The secret of nice looks is in the body itself.

These days though, being unique will give you an upper hand in style and fashion. You don’t have to look official everywhere. When its time for casuals, a sweatshirt can make your day. However, not many women understand the secret of sweatshirts, especially not the green style that is becoming popular these days. That’s why many still adhere to dresses. Well, the secret is regular exercising to build up the muscles to detail. That way, you will have nothing to be embarrassed about.


If you like the nice look of T-shirts, here are the good news. You can become one of them. All you need is to build enough body that will fit in the tight attires without the shirt sagging or hanging. Check out how you can exercise for a sweatshirt body below. Surprisingly, they are not complicated workouts from another planet. Just the normal exercises we know.

  1. Push-ups cardio-graphic 

Men are associated with push-ups. It is the basic exercise that every man will claim to be knowing if you ask them of what workout they know about. However, women can benefit from them too. Those who know the secret do them in plenty to keep the arms, the chest and the rest of the body fit. With enough strong muscle around the chest and the arms, you need nothing more but a sweatshirt. An added advantage with pushups is that you don’t need to be at the gym to work out. It’s a self-exercise to be done at home or out in the field.

  1. Pull-ups

The opposite of push-ups is the pull-ups. Both are traditional but maximally beneficial when utilized fully. You have already exercised your chest and arm muscles with push-ups. It’s time for the back and shoulder muscles to get toned. Your sweatshirt isn’t going to cover only the chest and arms remember. People need to appreciate your outlook even from behind, where you cannot see. With a cheap pull-up bar, you are good to go. It’s all you need.

  1. Planking tacticvarious-acticivties

Women exercises are those that forces them to the limit. A plank is probably one of them. It might appear simple but trust you me, very few women will hold the pressure for over five minutes of planking. It’s a simple trick that you can make your body get used to it by doing it regularly. Instead of watching the TV relaxing on a sofa, plank and build more muscles. You can take a short break where you can do no more. Your back, abs, abdominal and arm muscles will be on the benefiting end.

  1. Sit-ups

Who doesn’t know of the sit-ups? Every person has done it someday. Not many people however know that regular sit-up workouts will build the perfect muscle mass for a T-shirt body. If you do these sit-ups regularly and you haven’t seen results yet, maybe you are not doing it right. Try some variations including back sit-ups and crunches. Also, don’t do sit-ups for less than a quarter of an hour. You need to force your body to hold more and more of pull-ups. While pun intended pull-ups may help, they are not a daily workout, and by that I mean it.

Beachbody On Demand Workouts

One of the newest trends out in the market is to use streaming workout videos to exercise with. The main advantages of this is that you can trying a variety of workouts through out the year and not have to buy the expensive dvds.   You can also take these workouts as they work on you iphone or ipad.

Some of my favorite beachbody workout programs are P90x3, PiYo, Body Beast and 21 day fix which you can get the full scoop on the whole program  to learn more about what workouts there are to do.


One big mistake noted with women working out for T-shirt wear is that, imbalances often come along. That’s because the men tend to over exercise one of the workouts and leave out other exercises which also play a vital role. Sweatshirts are meant to cover the front, side and back of the upper body. There is risk of injuries if you get the workouts wrong. Try each of these basic tips and you will be the next superwoman in T-shirt.

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